Pooplution and You

by Kaiser Edamame

Global warming has been a hot topic recently and everyone seems to be focused on the high-profile sources of carbon emissions: cars and power plants (see related research Make Emissions Delicious, Stop Global Warming).

What people are forgetting is how much of global warming is a result of flatulence, belching, dung, and other forms of so called “poop-lution”. Ever seen a steamy terd? We know they’re gross but more importantly they are warming the globe and ruining both the o-zone and your favorite ski area. Let’s take a look at factual graphs designed by science.

As you can see methane is responsible for 13% of greenhouse gases and 35% of methane comes from poop-lution, that means almost 5% of global warming is from steaming pooplets.

Recommendation: Until the ingenious Kyoto Protocol, collecting and burning dung was just a fashionable hobby. Now it’s an outrageously profitable enterprise and we want in. AgCert (LSE: AGC) is a $100mm market cap company who’s sole source of revenue is burning dung. We are long them. We also have put seed capital in an apparel company that sells hats that say “No Farting”. We think trendy fad marketing like this will generate millions of cubic cms of provable methane reduction which we can monetize on the European Emission Credit marketplace.

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